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Edmonton Pressure Washing Company

Fleet Pressure Washing

Fleet Power Washing

Triton Power Wash in Edmonton is the trusted name for fleet cleaning and management. Give us a call today to learn more about our fleet cleaning services.

Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing Business

Heavy Equipment Washing

At Triton Power Wash we specialize in heavy equipment washing and commercial pressure washing. When you image matters you can count on us.

Fleet Pressure Washing

Commercial Building Cleaning

Our commercial building cleaning and property management services are 2nd to none. Let the team at Triton Power Wash in Edmonton restore a brand new look to your buildings.

Pressure Washer Edmonton

High Pressure Flushing

Triton Power Wash is using waste water recovery systems and our experienced staff is ready to take on any task…

Power Washing Services

Rail Equipment

Triton Power Wash has the tools and the know how to get your locomotives and railcars looking new again…

Power Washing Companies

Acid And/ Chemical Washing

Our team at Triton Power Wash offer acid washing and chemical cleaning to remove surface rust, brake dust, grease, road grime, and more…

New Services

  • Wash Station Rentals

    We offer environmental wash stations for rent. These are used in areas that are environmentally sensitive and require 100% containment of the waste water. Daily weekly and monthly rates available. Delivery available.

  • Club Root Washing

    Level 3 washing and bleaching to disinfect heavy equipment to prevent the spread of club root disease.

  • Disinfection & Sanitizing Services

    We offer disinfecting services for the food manufacturing and production industries. onsite service or Pick up and delivery available.

Triton Power Wash in Edmonton, Alberta Canada offers business and industrial pressure washing services. LET US ASSIST YOU WITH A CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION

About Us

When your image matters,
you can count on
Triton Power Wash.

We can handle all of your cleaning needs. At Triton Power Wash, our attention to detail and extensive industry experience turn problems into solutions

  • Waste Water Recovery

    At Triton Power Wash Edmonton we can capture and safely dispose of waste water collected on your site, thus ensuring that dirty contaminated water is not getting introduced into the soil. Water is recovered using our vacuum and storage tank system, and then disposed of at the appropriate facility.

  • Biodegradable Detergents

    At Triton Power Wash Edmonton our products are 100% biodegradable. Any cleaning agent used by Triton Power Wash is environmentally-friendly, phosphate-free, and designed to help reduce environmental hazards.

  • Conscientious Fleet Management

    At Triton Power Wash we maintain our own fleet of vehicles in the most eco-friendly manner. By taking this small, yet significant step, we are helping reduce our carbon footprint.